Just Crop! Retreats - we are more than just scrapbooking!

She's Crafty!

What's Included at Your New Favorite Retreat


The Basics

  • Six foot table and a chair
  • Power via outlet at every seat plus we have 3-prong adapters, if needed
  • Papercrafting goody usually from Authentique, Photo Play or Reminisce
  • Group rate pricing for hotel stays, as available
  • Free wi-fi provided by the hotel
    • We highly recommend you do not stream movies/tv during the day
    • JCR has zero control over connectivity or speed
  • MASSAGE; as available, minimum 15 minutes and may be private or semi-private; sign-up sheets sometimes available in advance, watch your email.
    • Table Massage - Chair Massage - Foot Massage
  • 50+ hours of crafting time
    • Craft room hours are 10 am Friday through 6pm Sunday
    • Retreat hostesses may be off 2a-730 am; you may stay and craft away :) 
    • *BONUS* Thursday drop n crop is usually available in Fullerton for $10, 6-11pm
  • Fullerton: Light snacks & Keurig station
  • Los Al: coffee machine in the lobby and the snack table accepts donations

swap & sale tables

Items left will be donated. JCR is not responsible for items placed on either table nor are we responsible for collecting funds, missing items, etc. JCR is unable to hold the items for you once the retreat has ended.

For Sale Table

  • Label items with name and price
  • Cash and carry - all transactions are done by you
  • Limit your items to one bankers box, larger items on the floor under the table

 Swap/Destash Table

  • A place for your destash, scraps, extras or things you just don't want anymore

Our Focus & Easy Breezy Guidelines

We are all about crafting and camaraderie. Let's keep the mood light and fun. Please be aware of your surroundings and know we can all hear your retreat room conversations. Cell phone noise is the #1 complaint from retreaters.

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE silence your cell phones!
  • Conversations via cell phone, facetime, video calls, whatsapp, etc. MUST be outside of the retreat room. There are plenty of private spaces for your conversations. While entertaining, they are disruptive and distracting.
  • For all audio, you must use headphones or earbuds.
  • Beverages must have lids. This protects your projects and your neighbors projects.
  • Keep walkways/aisles clear.
  • Doors to the outside are EXIT ONLY; please use the hotel lobby entrance for entering the crop room. The only exception is loading and unloading. The hotels have asked us to limit their use.
    • Please do not knock as this is disruptive to those seated near the doors
    • Please do not call/text your friends to come and let you in