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Just Crop! Retreats was founded in April 2013 and are almost to our SIXTH anniversary. Expect cake at the April retreat :)

Just Crop! offers you a place where you can come to work on your projects in a fun atmosphere without day-to-day interruptions and home distractions (kids, pets, spouses, tv). As a bonus, you may enjoy the company of other crafters who share your passion with a bonus of making new friends and learning new tips, techniques and scraplifting great ideas from the retreat room. We welcome crafters of all kind. Just Crop! isn't just limited to scrapbooking, although that is the most popular and our main focus. We have had cardmakers, knitters, painters, jewelry designers, quilters plus so much neat home decor and mixed media that a quick walk through the room will liven your senses and provide bursts of inspiration. If you are quilting/sewing, we ask that you only bring super quiet machines. 

We want to make sure you have time to Just Crop! Our retreats open at 10am Friday and run through 6pm Sunday. The room will generally be closed from 2am to 7:30am. It is possible for you to craft until the wee hours, though you will be unchaperoned. Nobody will be kicked out at 2am. 

Our team is committed to keeping our retreats fun for everyone. The result you see is a hybrid from prior years and our lite crops is a direct result of over a year of prior retreaters feedback, both positive and negative. We strive to deliver to you a fun and crafty experience that is enjoyable and productive.

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